Basic Features

Learn about the core features we offer as an email service provider.

Feature NameDescription
Domain WarmupA way to warm up new domains. It enables you to start sending emails with a strong reputation even with a new domain (deliverability for new domains typically starts off poor since mailbox providers don't know you as a sender yet).
Email APIEnables you to programmatically send your emails.
SearchEnables you to quickly search for a specific delivery or engagement event. The advantage of Amply is that search results appear instantly.
SSO (Single-Sign-On)An authentication scheme that allows you to log into your Amply account with a single ID.
Template EditorAn intuitive HTML editor that allows you to create customizable emails quickly (no clunky drag and drop).
WebhooksThis allows you to receive emails for programmatic parsing. You can get notifications on email activity metrics (sends, opens, clicks, etc.) that can be sent to your data warehouse.

In the next section, we go over product features that are uniquely offered by Amply.

What’s Next