Amply is a transactional email service provider (ESP) that helps you deliver email and get insights into your infrastructure health, product usage, and security status.

We manage the entire life cycle of all of your programmatic email and handle all of the technical complexities that come with delivering email including scaling infrastructure, monitoring IP address and domain reputations, and providing advanced analytics into your user engagement and product performance.

Why Amply?

Transactional email is vital to the success of any application. Messages like account confirmations, purchase receipts, product usage updates, etc. are high-value communications that are tightly coupled to the user journey.

Understanding your users is equally as important as getting your emails delivered to them. Unlike other ESPs, we operate with the idea that data drives value and should be leveraged to unlock key insights into how users engage with your app. Amply helps you tap into the full potential of programmatic email so you can enhance your overall product experience, and ship software faster.

Get Started

To send email with Amply you can connect with our REST API or SMTP Relay. Check out our QuickStart Guide to get started right away.

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How Does Amply Work?

Unlike other transactional email service providers, Amply virtualizes your data into infrastructure, product, and security related insights. All relevant user data is collected in a centralized log of events and elegantly displayed through dashboard visualizations. There are quite a few ways this visibility can improve your life in product development.

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