Intelligent Routing

Learn how Amply routes your email with intelligent routing.

Amply provides intelligent routing to give you the best overall deliverability and add redundancy to your email infrastructure.

There are several settings you can choose from - Auto | Dedicated | Shared | Custom

Auto is recommended because it supports failover between dedicated and shared IP addresses. With Auto, Amply learns from your sending activity in real-time to determine the optimal path to reach your user’s inbox - either through a dedicated IP address, shared IP address, targeted dedicated IP address, etc. This process maximizes placement in your user's primary inbox and removes the guesswork of scaling your email infrastructure.

🎛️ Auto

Auto automatically determines the best route to deliver your email at any given time. Amply analyzes sending data in real-time (opens, bounces, etc.) to determine how emails should be routed to avoid bounces or ending up in the spam folder. This proactive way of routing email ensures high deliverability during common events like volume spikes or when your IP address gets blacklisted.

⏭️ Dedicated

Dedicated is for higher volume senders (> 25k emails/month). Since you have already established your domain reputation with mailbox providers, you’ll have no problem building a positive IP reputation. Dedicated IPs are great for high-volume senders because they give you full control over your reputation and sending infrastructure. They provide you with a strong foundation as your email volume increases and your deliverability needs grow.


Keep in mind that if you select Auto, Amply automatically determines if Dedicated is the best option for you.

🔀 Shared

Shared is primarily used for lower volume senders (< 25,000 emails/month). Shared IPs allow you to send email with a positive reputation and high deliverability regardless of volume. Shared can also help high-volume senders mitigate deliverability issues from sudden volume spikes. For instance, if we notice an increase in bounces from your dedicated pool due to a short burst in volume, we can temporarily fall back to shared IPs. We’ve built in redundancy by integrating SES with Amply so that your deliverability is always up no matter what.


Keep in mind that if you select Auto, Amply automatically determines if Shared is the best option for you.

⚖️ Custom

Custom load balances traffic between Amply dedicated IPs and a custom SMTP server of your choice. This is a great option if you’re converting to Amply from another provider. Amply determines the correct volume to send from each provider in order to maximize your sender reputation, without any extra work from your engineering team.

In addition, a custom strategy lets you leverage multiple service providers to maximize redundancy. With the custom option, you’ll never be sending out of a shared IP. You’ll either be sending out of your Amply dedicated IPs or through another provider.

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