Learn how to get value from Amply's analytics platform.

Amply's powerful analytics engine automatically extracts insight from your email. This data is used for product and email infrastructure health indicators, and to answer difficult questions like:

  • How is your business acquiring and engaging users?
  • Where are most of your users engaging from?
  • When is the most common time for {insert event}
  • What is the impact of my new feature on {insert goal event}

In addition to being accessible from the Amply dashboard, all of your data and visualizations can be queried from our API. We store all engagement data for 2 years, helping you identify trends for your application.

Get Value From Your Data


  • DevOps Dashboard to monitor infrastructure health - provides status into domain reputation health, bounce & spam rates, and overall delivery health
  • Monitors provide real-time alerts of bounce & spam rate events, IP blocklists, domain and IP reputation changes, and unsubscribe events
  • Intelligent Routing adds redundancy to your email infrastructure
  • Centralized logs of email activity that is queryable via SQL
  • Easily troubleshoot problems with the full contents and headers of sent emails


  • Product Dashboard provides insight into active users and product usage to help you understand user engagement, retention, and acquisition
  • Detailed activity log stored for 2 years
  • Full SQL access with complex query support
  • [Coming Soon] Net Sentiment Scores as a replacement to outdated NPS β€” identify customer sentiment without any surveys and get daily scores to measure customer sentiment to new features, events, and more


  • Security Dashboard gives insight into sensitive account and financial events, making it easy to identify anomalies
  • Easily investigate account compromise with an audit trail of all email activity and metadata (stored for 2 years)
  • IP/country allowlist and blocklist that notifies you of violations
  • [Coming Soon] Email-based Intrusion detection system to help you identify compromised users within your application and prevent lateral account takeover from compromised email accounts


  • Comprehensive user profiles with full activity feeds make it easy to uncover important details from delivery and engagement events
  • Easier troubleshooting leads to faster support ticket response times and increases user sentiment

What’s Next